John Boy

Colour – Blue

DOB – 24th October 2011(Six)

Size:  Small to Medium

John Boy face shot
John Boy full shot


John Boy is a medium to large, blue greyhound and he is six years old.  John Boy is a very special boy and people who have taken him for a walk have remarked what a great dog he is.   He is a very gentle, calm dog   and he has a  great temperament and loves attention and people.  He loves his cuddles and fuss and will give you unconditional love in return.

He is quite confident with no signs of nervousness. John Boy is very laid back and can be lazy. He is good on the lead and loves his walks.

John Boy is currently kennelled on his own but he has been kennelled  with a female greyhound.  We feel he would be suitable and happy as an only dog, or with a female and a first greyhound.

John Boy won’t be cat friendly.

If you would like to meet John Boy he is resident at Greyhound Trust East Midlands and Nottingham, Sutton on Trent, Newark, Notts NG23 6QR, visit the kennels or give us a call on 01636 822032 e mail

Are you interested in adopting a dog?

If you are interested in adopting a greyhound visit the homing enquiries page and complete the form.

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