In loving memory of our big handsome boy ‘bear’  ( seathwaite robby )

Who suddenly became poorly last month, and with great sadness he went to sleep on 29/07/13.


We decided to visit judith and john 5 years ago when we were looking for a companion for our female greyhound/ lurcher ‘missy’ who was 8 years old at the time.

Judith recommended we should pair her with a younger male -when she introduced us to bear we immediately fell in love with him!

Beautiful blue coat, big and tall, and the cutest black bobble nose.

He fitted in with us just great, we were a little family – he walked well on his lead and we were always so proud whenever we got stopped in the street, people would stop and fuss him, he loved that!!

He loved to run, and we have many very fond memories of him shooting off in the distance, as quick as lightening and missy trying her best to catch him up – she never could.

His favourite pass time, like most greyhounds was snoozing…. He enjoyed stretching out his stilt like legs, then rolling over for a tummy rub, he especially liked it when our niece and nephews came to visit, he would roll over, legs in the air and cry like a little baby until he got his tummy tickled.

He was our big beautiful gentle boy – we will miss him forever and ever.

We are so privileged to have shared 5 fabulous years.

R.i.p  ‘big lad’ love you so much.

Take care up there – until we meet again. Xxx

Sally, nigel and missy smith

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