FrazerFrazer came to live with us 8 years ago, he had had a very tough start to his retired life and didn’t know how to respond to the affection we tried so hard to show him, the first day and night we had him he barked incessantly.  Over the coming months we stuck with him and slowly he became more and more responsive to us.  After a few tries at letting him off the lead we began to think he would never be allowed to run free as he constantly went on “the hunt”.  With patience and training Frazer found a remarkable ability to live alongside our guinea pigs, so much so that they could run around on the floor and he wouldn’t bat an eyelid!  Two years ago his world fell apart when we lost Cassie, our first greyhound, Frazer became very depressed, this was not helped when, a couple of months later, he was attacked and badly bitten by another dog.  He came through that and we then got Eva, a sweet little girl greyhound, who brought a new life to Frazer and he was soon back to his normal happy go lucky self.  Last August we thought we had lost him when he was diagnosed with a serious heart condition and given 6 months at the most to live, but in true Blancey style his bravery shone through and with his medication was soon back to his normal self so much so that he was allowed off his lead, something we never thought we would see and something that he truly loved.  Together Frazer and Eva attended our wedding as guests of honour and Frazer came on our honeymoon to Norfolk, memories we shall keep forever.  He was the true patriarch of our family.  Our hearts broke on 11/08/11 when the day arrived that we had to make the awful decision that a dog lover dreads. Our boy just couldn’t go on, this time it was one hurdle too many having overcome so many before. We know that he is running around free of pain and has been reunited with his sister, Cassie.  RIP our beautiful boy Frazer aka Blancey – you have left a hole in our hearts, we miss you everyday and you will never be forgotten xxxx

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