Dear Kelly,

I didn’t know it the first time we met, but you were always wary of people you didn’t know. Yet the day we came to Crossing Cottage, you walked straight up to me, leant on me and looked up at me. Your gentle gaze hit me like a lightning bolt, and I knew at that moment that you were going to be ours.

You settled in so quickly. Everyone who saw us out walking with you exclaimed over your size and your gentleness. And watching you unwrap your presents that first Christmas was a joy. You got an orange ball which you chased all over the garden, leaping around like you were on springs.

Do you remember the summer evening walks we used to go on, where you’d stalk through the long grass in the twilight, ears pricked up, your sharp eyes seeing things in the shadows we didn’t even know were there? Do you remember how you used to get all your toys out of your basket, one by one, and fling them around? Do you remember when you’d stretch out on your ‘sun lounger’ in the garden, and I’d fetch a cushion to put under your head because it was hanging off? And how you used to wait behind the front door when we got back from work, whinnying in excitement? Because we remember it all.

We’ll never stop missing you. Without you in it, the world is a very different place. But I’m glad we got to share it with you for a while.

Run free, big guy,

Emma and Duncan Pass


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