FloYou walked like a lady, all posh and proud,
You won lots of races, to please the crowd.
And we cheered.

The first time we met you, you pee’d on the floor,
You shivered and shook, tried to hide by the door.
And we cried.

You soon settled in, only cried once I think.
Munched all your food, my word what a stink.
And we smiled.

Figures of eight you ran on the beach, so speedy.
A flash of blue flying past us, oh so neatly.
And we whooped.

Your first foot in the sea, it scared you quite badly.
Bravely you tried again, chasing the ball very gladly.
And we laughed.

The squirrels were quick, but if only they knew,
They’d be chased tough the forest, so quickly and true.
And we gasped.

Tho’ we bought Flo a sofe, a bed all of her own,
Twas a race, like The Simpsons each time we got home.
And we smiled.

You didn’t like fireworks, trains or the brakes on a bus,
You did like cuddles, brushes and tons of fuss.
And we loved.

It came as a shock, that Sunday night,
When your legs wouldn’t work, this can’t be right.
And we prayed.

On Friday you went into a deep deep sleep,
And our hearts are truly broken.
And we cried.

All our love


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