Winnie was made for us – and we for her.

We collected her from Crossing Cottage on August 1, 2010, and had just over 28 months of love, fun and joy with her until she suddenly and unexpectedly passed at the vets in her sleep in the early hours of Tuesday December 18, 2012 after being ill for just a couple of days.
How typical of Winnie – the dog who was never any trouble to us – to go quietly like that without putting us or herself through a long drawn out illness, months of worry and vet visits and possibly even a heart-breaking decision on ending her life.
We were able to adopt Winnie because I was starting to work from home and would be around to keep her company most of the time. She was so happy from the moment she walked into our living room and settled straight down as if she KNEW she was home to stay this time.
She loved to just be with you. She’d lie on one of her beds and just occasionally open an eye to make sure you were there.
She adored her walks, her cuddly toys, doing ‘zoomies’ in the garden and digging in the lawn. It was her one vice – but we tolerated it happily. How could you not when her face was such a picture of ecstasy as she had her five minutes of unbridled fun?
She wasn’t a fan of other dogs but how she loved ALL people – and how they loved her in return.
It was an unexpected delight that when I started a little blog in August 2010 about Winnie’s day-to-day life – written by her of course – it became popular across the world and did a great job of promoting what great pets greyhounds make. I was so proud when a lady in Australia contacted me to say that Winnie’s blog had been the deciding factor in them adopting a former racing greyhound.
A popular Facebook Page followed, and through social media we made firm friends with other greyhound and pet owners across the world. They have been a tremendous support to us during this sad time. As my husband said in the final blog post – – “W hilst we are stunned by the suddenness of her departure we remember her with much happiness. The joy she brought into our house was immeasurable and the new vistas she opened up for us made the world a smaller place.”


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