Great news! Flash has now found a new home


Written by his previous owner.
Flash was rescued from Spain after I spent a holiday there in August 2011 and the lady in the apartment next to mine was fostering him until a home could be found for him. I took one look at him and fell in love with his beautiful eyes. There was talk of him possibly ending up in Belgium and one night during my holiday, I found myself saying that I would have him. I have never had a dog before and he has been a perfect introduction to the canine world.
It took another 6 months before I was able to collect him from his journey from Spain – in a van along with 16 other dogs and cats. He arrived at Folkstone from the Channel Tunnel at just after midnight on 14th February 2012 – my Valentine! It took 4 hours to drive home and after 20 minutes on the road, Flash fell fast asleep and woke up only when I pulled into my drive.
He immediately settled down and he is a beautiful, calm, extremely well behaved companion. I walk him twice a day for around 20 minutes each time and at weekends, we go for longer walks. At first he took a while to settle around other dogs (particularly other greyhounds), but now he is very well behaved around other dogs. He doesn’t pull on the lead and responds immediately to commands like “sit” and “stay”. He has two beds in the house, one in the kitchen, where he sleeps at night and one in the lounge where he likes to spend most of the day, particularly if it’s sunny – he likes to sunbathe.
He loves people and is very good with children. He will even wag his tail at total strangers! He doesn’t beg for food, we eat at the same time but when he has finished his food, he knows to leave me alone until I finish eating. He is very perceptive and knows when I want to cuddle him or when I am busy with work (I work from home and he is the one who watches the clock – he knows he gets a walk at the end of the working day!).
I wouldn’t like to say how he would get on living with other dogs or cats. Although my neighbours have a dog and two cats, he seems to know they are neighbours and doesn’t bother with them, but if we see another cat while we are out, I have to be careful as he will try and chase after it! You have to have your wits about you when you are walking with him, particularly as we have squirrels and a fox on our usual walk.
I don’t know any of his history and neither did the vet in Spain (an English vet). He has lost part of his right ear and has at some stage had a break in his left front leg, although this doesn’t seem to bother him at all. He has some scars on his rump and side but these are now healed and are a lot better since he came to stay with me.
He is very lazy and likes to sleep in – particularly at the weekend. He has learnt that when the television is switched off, it is time for him to go to bed and he promptly goes to the kitchen and gets on his bed!
For a first-time dog, he has been the perfect boy and I hope that someone will love him as much as I do. Unfortunately my job is taking me away from home more and more and Flash deserves to be with someone who can be with him much more than I can. I think he would love a family of his own.
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