There is no doubt that if you are looking at our website that you think greyhounds are very special and that they make great pets, and there are many hounds that are looking for their forever home.

Possibly some of the greyhounds most in need are those that have experienced life and a home and they must have thought they were going to be there until Rainbow Bridge called them home.  They have experienced the special love that a human can offer them, a warm house and a comfy bed.   Then through no fault of their own they lose that home and person who once offered them unconditional love and the person they thought would be there for them forever.

Because these greyhounds have lived in a home they are house trained and need very little to make them happy.  (But they do need to live in a home with a family or person not in a kennel outside).

These greyhounds are often suitable for elderly people who would appreciate companionship of a loving greyhound.  In addition some of the greyhounds don’t need to go for walks they will be quite happy to have a garden to wander around or maybe someone could take the greyhound for a walk.  Greyhounds love to be outside and lie in the sun so if you like to sit and relax outside your hound will love to be with you.

Some very special people really like older dogs and Carol Wilkinson loves to give some of these dogs a special place.  Currently she has two greyhounds who were both from previous homes and were very upset when they lost their home.

Paul Reddish fostered and then adopted Curtis and at last he is happy and safe (with two girlfriends as well).

The majority of people looking for a greyhound have ideas about what they want, usually it is a young dog but spare a thought for these greyhounds who really do want a nice place to rest their head.

Currently three of our dogs in kennels would love a special home in their twilight years.


Major has lived for the past two years with an elderly gentleman but he has had to go into hospital and it is doubtful whether he will be able to have Major back home again.


Captain has been in kennels with us for the past 6 years and really needs someone to offer him a home.



Mooney was in a home for two years but his owner was not able to keep him any more.

Can you help one of these dogs?

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