Sponsor a class in our Sutton-on-Trent Greyhound Show

RGT-Sponsor-a-Class-2016-Poster-01All you need to do is choose a class from the list, pay £25 in sponsorship and your name will be printed on the tails of the 6 rosettes for the class.

On the day you will present them to the 6 class winners and your name will appear in the Greyhound Show Programme.

You may choose to have your own name, a company name, or the your greyhound’s name to be printed on the rosette.

You could even make it a memorial to a departed dog.

Class list
1. Best Condition Greyhound Bitch
2. Best Condition Greyhound Dog
3. Most Appealing Eyes
4. Shiniest Coat
5. Best Child Handler (under 10)
6. Best Child Handler (11-16 years)
7. Vintage and Veteran Dogs – Seven years plus (special prize for dogs over 10)
15 minute break for Fancy Dress Preperation
8. Fancy Dress Adult or Child. Dog or Handler
9. Best Blue Greyhound
10. Prettiest and best condition BLACK Greyhound Bitch
11. Handsomest and best condition BLACK Greyhound Dog
12.Cleanest Teeth
13. Prettiest Bitch
14. Handsomest Dog
15. Best Brace
16. Dog most unlike its owner
17. The Greyhound the Judge Would Most Like to Take Home
18. Best in Show (1st place winner from each Class)

Sponsorship deadline is Friday 26th August. The show will take place on Sunday 4th September.

If you are interested call Judith on 01636 822032 or email judith@rgtmidlands.co.uk

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