tegan-2I first met Tegan in Nov 2013 when I did a home check for her to adopt a 2 year old blue female called Foxy, who had an injury to her rear right leg when a puppy and she can now no longer bend it, but it doesn’t bother her.

Tegan is autistic and lives in her own home with support workers and her family helping her to be independent. Her first dog Cassie had died but it had become clear to Tegan’s mother Tina, that the companionship between dog and Tegan was vital to her sense of independence.

When Tegan first met Foxy at the kennels they were both immediately drawn to one another. I remember Tegan telling me that she had not realised that Foxy had an injured leg until after they had both chosen each other. She felt it was meant to be so they could look after each other.

Foxy settled in really quickly and has become part of the family.

I went to visit Tegan recently to see how the relationship was developing.

“Foxy is my eyes and ears” said Tegan, “she’s my best mate and helps me feel safe and confident in my own home”.

tegan-1Tegan’s Mum Tina told me how she has a rescue dog called Cookie who did not get on well with other dogs, but since meeting Foxy she has become more sociable and Foxy and Cookie are best doggy friends. They said they put their muzzles on whilst they play as Cookie can be a bit boisterous. Tegan describes their play fighting as “clash of the titans”, and when Foxy goes home Cookie cries!

Tegan said “Foxy is very special to me, she loves to play with her favourite soft toy fox, she is mischievous, very nosy and very loving. She also sings when I play the harmonica. Foxy looks after me and helps me remember things, she is very special to me, and everyone who meets her loves her”

Tina hopes that if anyone else who has a family member with autism or similar problems, and are considering having a dog, then reading Tegan’s story will help them realise that a greyhound makes a very good choice.

We wish them a long and happy life together.

by Christine Marshall

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