Colour   White and Black

DOB  –  1.1.12


Details – Adey has some special needs!

Adey is a lovely dog with quite a chequered past.  He came into kennels with a female greyhound and when she was homed he became quite nervous and lacked confidence.  He was homed but this was not successful  and he became very stressed and nervous. We have gradually got him back to being better with the help of friends and dog behaviourists.  However as a result of his past we are looking for a special home with people who will have lots of patience and a quiet attitude and outlook on life.  Adey is now nearly four years old and quite happy in the kennels where he lives on his own and not with another greyhound.  He is good to walk and is much more socialised now with other dogs than he used to be.  Adey’s ideal home would be somewhere he can relax as an only dog.  Not left on his own for long periods of time so with someone who is not working full time.  He is a good traveller and will enjoy going out and about seeing new places.  Once he has confidence in his new owner/owners we are confident that he will continue to improve even more.  Adey is not a first dog or greyhound and he needs someone very kind who has experience with greyhounds and who understands the breed.  If you think you would be able to help Adey please get in touch and visit.   Ade won’t be cat friendly.

If you would like to meet Adey he is resident at RGT East Midlands and Nottingham, Sutton on Trent, Newark, Notts NG23 6QR, visit the kennels or give us a call on 01636 822032 e mail