Our Sponsors

We’d like to thank everyone who sponsors either a dog or a kennel. Your kind donations ensure that all our dogs are happy and healthy while we find them a new family.

Dog Sponsors

Thank you to everyone for sponsoring one of our long term residents.

Wini Spencer
M Bullard
M Partridge
P Betts
K Ham
M Grace
Isla de Silva
J Butterworth
W Orchard
D Guest
G Don
M Marchant
C Sharratt
J Hudson Smith
B Robertson
P Wood
Mrs Bennett
N McCarthy
Valerie Harris
Chloe & Abbie
Susan Head
Ben & William
Laura & Adam
Jean Cameran
Jose Haupt
Phillip & Linda
L Harrison
Rosie & Jonty
Shirley Bennett
Carole Bannister
Sandra & Ian Ward
Lizzie Wood
119 Derby Beaver Scouts
Pat & Wilfred Fisher
Ruth and Anthony Bonsell
Annie, Elena and Michael Cast
Shelley Wood 

Kennel Sponsors

Thank you to everyone who sponsors one of our kennels.

David & Karen
Graham Don
Gerry & Mo
C & D Ash
D Read
S & K Dymond
T Bostock
Eric & Inge Wileman
Jon Stabler
N Mannings & S Merkin
S & E Brown
S Brown
Sally Smith
Handsome & Lulu
N & M Ashby
Tony & LouLou
S Barnett
A McGuirk
Val & Fuzz
Earl Shilton Vets
Mr & Mrs Craid
SM Longdon
Janice Knight
K Richardson & Tony Richardson
Janet Hudson-Smith
Helen and Dan Marshal
Pat & Roger Fisher
Topher and Verena Batchelor
Shiu Li and Web Mountague