This is an appeal for Katie, can anyone help this lovely dog that has had so much misfortune?

We would like to find a home for Katie so that she can move from her present home to a new forever home without her coming back into kennels to prevent any more disruption and heartache for her.

Katie’s story!

Katie was an open racing greyhound and she won lots of races.  She was originally homed and returned because she was very lively, her second home was with a gentleman living on his own and he experienced health problems and Katie came back to us.

She was then rehomed again, this time with a lady who was living on her own and she also had health problems and had to give Katie up.  Katie is currently homed but unfortunately she has to leave this home too and we really don’t want to add to any more stress to Katie and we would really like to find Katie a new home without her coming back into kennels which will not be good for her.

So you might ask what is wrong with Katie?

Katie just loves people too much and suffers from separation anxiety.  This problem is a common one with greyhounds but it is by no means incurable or insurmountable, with the right training and the right people who can learn to understand her. At present we have a dog behaviourist working with Katie and her present owner to help her, and this support will continue when Katie finds a new home with her new owners.

IMG_4586 lrg 1Katie is so lovable and adores people, cuddles, hugs and wants to be with her favourite human thing in life (human beings) all the time.

She is amazing on the lead and doesn’t pull at all you could hold her on the lead with one finger.  Katie is no problem with any other breeds of dog, tiny or otherwise.  She doesn’t want to go for long walks she is in effect the perfect dog apart from the separation anxiety problem.

She is house trained and will let you know when she wants to toilet, even if this can be early in the morning she will let her owner know.

Katie is great with children and a really happy dog who loves adventures and travelling.

Katie needs to be homed as an only dog in the family home as she has not enjoyed being kennelled with other dogs.

Do you think you may be able to help this wonderful dog?  If so please get in touch by e mail to or or phone 01636 822032

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