Our Walks

We have regular walks in different areas of the East Midlands. We try to find places where there is a café or pub for a drink and perhaps a cake so people can chat about their favourite topic ‘My Greyhounds’.

Walks are a really good idea for people who don’t have a greyhound but are perhaps thinking about adopting a greyhound or want to get to know the breed and talk to people about what owning a greyhound is like.

Most of our walks consist of two walks at the same venue a short walk (for our more mature greyhounds) and then a longer one for the more for the more sprightly. We also take some of our dogs that are looking for homes to the walks to give them a special treat which serves two purposes, it helps to socialise the dogs and help them to adapt to the world outside.

Planned walks will be put on to the events page of our website so keep a look out for them.